Full Swing

Students golf swing will be evaluated and corrective measures discussed and explored. Drills will be incorporated into the students’ personalized training program to effectively create the required changes to their swing. Follow-up lessons will ensure the student is seeing improvement and is developing the correct movements and understandings. Each session will focus on one set of clubs either woods, irons or wedges.


The set-up and visualization is the basis for performing a successful pitch. The terrain, the lie, the distance, the wind, the situation will all be explored to further the students Golf IQ. The pitching motion will be described, demonstrated and practiced ensuring the student can repeat the correct skill during practice and play.


The set-up and visualization is the basis for performing a successful chip. More focus will be placed on set-up and specific skill motions as chipping should never be overly complicated, students will learn how to effectively chip the ball with low, medium and high trajectories with various lofted clubs scenarios. 


Sand-play to many seems daunting and scary and to some down-right impossible; good news, it’s just science! Students will learn how a bunker shot(s) is played; from club selection to set-up to the swing we will explore how to improve your sand-play and build confident to the point you’ll be aiming for the sand traps!


Putting can be extremely personalized and creative; however the fundamental keys found in the putting set-up and stroke should be present in an efficient putter. These key fundamentals will be built upon while exploring the varied methods that can be used on the greens, while incorporating effect drills that will build confidence.


Youth enjoy the sport the way we adults all wish we still could, if they get good. Junior golf instruction starts with ensuring the proper fundamentals are understood and repeatable. As the junior students skills develop an emphasis is placed on how to play to their best ability while continuing to develop the various skills.


For beginning golfers the importance is placed on the main golf fundamentals in a systematic fashion: Grip, Stance/Posture/Alignment/Balance, Backswing, Downswing, Impact, and Finish. Each introduction to golf program explores all aspects of the sport including the full swing, the short swing, the short game, and the rules and etiquette to help new golfers feel comfortable and confident.


Clinics are a great way to learn as an intimate group of close friends or family as well as fellow students of the same skill level. Clinics will typically run 2 hours and cover a maximum of two specific skills. Each participant receives 1 on 1 instruction as well as personalized drills and tips to assist in personal practice afterwards.


Camps are great for those who wish to have a complete overview of all of golfs skills from Driving to Putting in a group of 4-8 participants. Camps typically will be conducted over 2-3 days and can be considered the all inclusive instruction incorporating classroom work, practice and instruction as well as an on course portion.


Practice with a purpose incorporates varied methods to ensure your practice is effect and will lead to overall improvement. Practicing with drills, practicing with pressure, practicing in pairs and practicing in a scaled and measured manner will greatly increase the value of the time spent working on your game. I will show you how.


Improving your skills does not always improve your overall score; perhaps you have a strategy that costs you strokes, perhaps frustration gets the best of you, and perhaps uncontrollable influences affect you. Golf isn’t solely a game a skill but a game of the mind, in our strategy sessions various methods will be explored to help you play your best golf more frequently. The Strategy Sessions take place on the course and the classroom.


For those who like competition and wish to compete at high levels; practice, training and overall preparedness is the key to succeeding against the best in your bracket. Developing improved skills, utilizing practice with a purpose, learning how to create a game-plan and proper warm-ups will help you become a true competitor.


Club Fittings are the easiest way to improve your game and the majority of golfers’ neglect this option as a way to play better golf. Every golfer is different but ‘stock clubs’ are all the same and must be adjusted to the individual if success is to be found in a consistent manner. The length and lie angle, shaft flex and proper loft gaps (set make-up) can all be determined easily and changes are made to your existing clubs quickly.

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